Don’t Know How To Keep Your Home Secure? You Will!

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Do home security systems interest you? Lots of people do so without taking the time to determine whether or not one is really necessary. It may be that securing your doors properly is all you truly need to be doing.

Your faithful dog makes a great hiding spot for a spare key. If your dog lives outside or is able to come and go through a dog door, this is a viable idea. You could simply put a key onto your dog’s collar, so it is always handy.

In the summer, remove all the dead trees from your yard. These items have a higher chance of catching fire during the hot months. Clear your yard often if you want to prevent a fire from starting.

If you’ve got a garage, boost home security just by using it for only a car instead of storage. Keeping your car inside will deter thieves from stealing or vandalizing it. This can also keep people from knowing your schedule.

Use motion sensor lights. They will illuminate your property if they sense any movement near your home. They will signal movement to you but will also serve as deterrents to the thieves. Don’t forget to replace the bulbs when they burn out.

Be sure your valuables are not visible from the outside of your house. While it may be nice to look out, burglars will see your valuables inside. By reducing visibility into your home, you protect your belongings, safety, and you improve the interior beauty of your home.

If you bought any expensive or large items, don’t throw the boxes out until the day trash is scheduled to be removed. You are alerting thieves that there is something worth stealing inside your home.

Rotten wood on door and window frames needs to be repaired. Rotted wood causes a serious weakness in your home’s security because it makes it easy to pry open doors. Replace rotting wood with fresh wood to improve your home’s security.

You should have several flashlights and batteries in all your rooms. These items will help you remain safe when there is no electricity. Teach your children how to properly use flashlights.

The number one thing you must do if you’re moving into a new place is have the locks changed. The previous tenants may have returned the keys, but they could have a copy. You can install locks yourself to make sure you’re the only one who has a key.

Ask your home security company how long they have been in business before you sign up for service. Companies that have been around for years have shown that they know the industry and that their services are reliable and great enough for recommendations. It also ensures they’re not a fly-by-night firm.

Shred any documents and junk mail that contains identifying information. Thieves can often be found looking through garbage cans in search of personal information found on bills and credit card slips. Rip your important papers up before throwing them away if you can’t get a shredder.

You might have decided that security systems for your home is the best solution. You may need to begin doing some things differently in your home. Research your options to find the best solution for your family.

Turning Your “Fixer-Upper” Into A Dream Home

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Many families cannot afford to buy their dream home, so they buy a “fixer-upper” to work on. Not only is this an awesome way to spend time as a family, but homeowners can create exactly what they have always wanted.

Before beginning renovations, have a family conversation about which rooms you want to tackle first. When fixing up an older home, many families fall into a trap where they begin so many projects that it seems like none of them will ever be complete. Create your dream home by (more…)

10 Communities That Are Perfect For Your Family

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If you are looking for a community that is kid-friendly, look for homes that are located near schools, parks and recreation centers. You will be located within walking distance of bike trails, playgrounds and recreation centers. Many recreation centers offer youth sports, classes for kids and opportunities for exercise. The best way to choose a good area for your kids is to talk to a real estate agent. Your agent can quickly find a home that’s perfectly suited to you and your family. Look for school districts that (more…)

3 Reasons to Buy a Home In 2013

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Should you make 2013 the year that you take the plunge and purchase a home? Whether you’re considering a condominium, a single family residence, or even a duplex, several reasons could make this the ideal time to buy.

First, mortgage interest rates remain at near historic lows. Fixed rate 30-year mortgages are available in the 3-4 percent interest rate range for those with the required credit. Shorter 15-year mortgages can be had that carry interest rates under three percent.

Second, although it remains very important to have all elements of your (more…)

All Moved In and Securing the Home

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So you have bought the home or maybe you have had a home built. You are all moved in and unpacked. You have met the neighbors. Not much else to do is there?

Well, actually, there is.

Aside from beginning your new life, there are lots of little things that need doing in order to ensure the security of yourself, your loved ones and your home.

Like, did you get the locks changed? If you had a home built, it’s not an issue and, most of the time, realtors do a decent job of staying on top of that, but sometimes it comes up. If you are moving into an existing home, you want to make sure the old locks aren’t present. Brand new locks and deadbolts aren’t terribly expensive or hard to install.

It might also be prudent to install a decent pair of exterior lights near the major entrances of your home. The kind with built-in motion sensors are particularly helpful because they light up any intruder – be it animal or man.

And, of course, the obvious route when it comes to securing your home is simply purchasing a home security system. The market is literally overflowing with providers and sites like, for example, are just one of many that can help you along.

Building A Green, Eco-friendly Home For Less

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Investing in sustainable design when it comes to the construction of your new home will ensure that you are able to enjoy greater benefit in the years to come. Materials and resources that can provide you with a more energy efficient home could reduce the cost of your utilities, providing your with greater value in the days to come. Even simple and low cost changes to the design of your new home could make a big difference in terms of (more…)

Choices: Build A Home Or Buy An Existing Home?

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Are you thinking about moving? Maybe you are a first time home buyer and you want to make the jump into your own home. You may have heard about all the great prices and low interest rates. It is still a buyer’s market and a great time to be a first time home owner.

Maybe you have dreamed about building the perfect home. You could have the right amount of bedrooms and the bathrooms would (more…)

All You Need To Know About Closing Costs

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When you are ready to buy your new home do you know all you need to know about closing costs? These are costs that will cover the expenses that will close the sale on your new home. These costs are for the inspection of the house, the appraisal fee, and the mortgage application fees that is of course a requirement by law as it will show the ownership of the property.

Sometimes what can happen is the buyer and seller agrees that the seller will pay all these costs or the buyer will have to pay half (more…)

The Benefits Of a Home With Acreage To Spare

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When you have extra acreage to spare with your home, you will find that it can be very beneficial. The extra land that you have will allow you to add an out building to your property for storage purposes or to even add on to your existing home if you begin to outgrow it.

Perhaps you’ve built your own home on your land a few years ago and since then you’ve added a child or two or one of your elderly parents have moved in with the (more…)

5 Reasons To Look Into Foreclosures

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When the final bell rings and the bank or mortgage lender have had enough of excuses and promises unfilled, a “foreclosure” gives them no other choice. And in today’s financial conundrum, finding a foreclosure in your area should only take you five minutes. They’re like moss on a Mississippi tree stump. Actually, you can get a foreclosure list from a realtor or lender; perhaps even online.

The question you need to solve is how to benefit from a homeowners misfortune. Here are reasons why you may hold all the aces in the deck.

1 – The lender wants OUT! They (more…)